24th World Congress of Political Science

July 23-28, 2016 | Poznań, Poland

Trip to the Soviet Past - 45 €


A feast from the Soviet past – experience the life, food, and drinks of the post-World War II Poland


27 July 2016

time: 7 p.m. – 12 a.m.


45 €


We’d like to invite you to a culinary-cultural time travel to the years when Poland was under the Communist rule. The trip features tales, videos, outfits, food and drinks right straight from the time that commenced with the end of World War II. The event takes place in a building which formerly seated the Polish United Workers’ Party and now belongs to the University. Our historians, animators and video footage will take you to the era, so everyone can have a glimpse of the everyday life of Poles under Communist socialism. Supper will include traditional treats, which are regaining popularity both in terms of their recipe and the ways they are served…